Our Vision & Mission....
G.V.R&S. Vision
To be accepted and acknowledged as an Institution imparting excellent education and training based upon the foundation of futuristic research and innovations in the broad context of management as well as the technical and technology sectors.
G.V.R & .S

G.V.R&S. Mission
• To impart quality education for students coming from both rural and urban areas.
• To Serve the State, the Nation and the World by producing talented, broadly educated engineers.
• To enable stedents develop their total personality to meet the prsent and furture challenges in global scenario. to strive for student achivenent with creditable success rate and to mould them into good citizens with leadership qualities and to lead good and responsible life.
• To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment that enables staff and students achieve personal and professional growth.
• To provide a scholarly and vibrant learning environment that enables staff and students achieve personal and professional growth.
• To nurture highly motivated and talented students and prepare them for life-long learning in an increasingly knowledge driven world.
• To act as resource centre for -education and training to fulfill human resource requirements in various fields.
G.V.R & .S

Learning in G.V.R.&S. Way
At GVR&S, we believe in holistic education that goes beyond achieving academic excellence, and vocational training. Our philosophy is to realize the overall intellectural, creative, cultural and socio-political growth and development of both the students and the college cummunity in its entirety. Here, each individual is encouraged to step beyond the confines of academic and administrative disciplines to explore and intervene in the large interests of the GVR&S Community that thrives on participation and the desire to venture into newer vistas.
G.V.R & .S

Our Objectives
To impact formal education programs which will culminate in the Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Masters Degree in Computer Applications and also Masters in Business Administration.
To impart customized programs with pertinent conceptual inputs and skill- sets to cater to the increasingy demanding adn complex needs of the Technical and Technology Sector.
To manage the content, design, delivery, learning outcomes and continuous innovation of the programs in a way that earns, accreditation from the relevant and acknowledged forums of national and technical repute.
To carry out cutting edge research which would help surmount challenges in the field of Technical Education, enhance classroom teaching learning processes, which in turn would add value to the existing knowledge across domains.
  To create value as an educational and research institution that brings together the best exponents in the respective domains.
  To provide tha best possible avenue for a strong, efficient and mutually beneficial Industry and Institute interaction.